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Selling your home requires expert skills and proper guidance. We invest in everything from proper marketing to professional photography to ensure that you get top-dollar for your home.

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Steps To Selling Your Home

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Understand why you are selling – If you understand your motives, you will be able to better negotiate and to get what it is that you want, whether it be a quick sale, high price, or somewhere in the middle. Are you needing to relocate due to a job transfer and need a quick sale? Has your family situation changed? Are you needing to make a certain amount of profit to put towards your new home? If you sell, do you have a plan for your next steps?

Find a knowledgable Realtor– Interview Realtors and make sure that they can not only explain but show you how they are going to market your home. They should have a solid marketing plan to expose your home to the masses and use both traditional and digital marketing. You want to make sure that you like your Realtor and that they will be a proactive agent to help get your Top Dollar for your home.

Price Strategy– Before listing your home, you want to set a fair price for your home. This will help with the amount of interest by the Realtors and Buyers and gain more showings. If you overprice, it can hurt you by not attracting buyers right away and having your home sit on the market longer. This may lead to price reductions and getting less for your home.

Preparing Your Home – Make your home irresistible to potential buyers by giving it show ready! Many homeowners find it difficult to keep their home in top condition, so now is the time to make get it done. After determining the ideal price for your home, it's time to discuss its appeal. Declutter, remove personal items to create a fresh slate for buyers' imaginations, address any small repairs, cleaning carpets and having a deep clean done. See your home sparkle with absolute perfection, attracting buyers to envision themselves living in it.

Marketing Your Home– Get ready for a marketing strategy that is tailored to your home and will make your home stand out. I use use social media campaigns, traditional media, reverse prospecting and SEO advertising to attract the right buyers. With my marketing plan, your home will gain exposure and attract the right buyer no matter what type of market we are currently experiencing in Las Vegas.

Offers and Negotiations– Transforming your dreams into reality is my expertise. Receiving an offer is an exciting step. As your dedicated Realtor, I go the extra mile to meticulously break down each offer, ensuring that the offering party is pre-approved by a lender and that their offer aligns with your expectations. If the offers fall short or some terms may not work for what you need, we will negotiate to provide a solution. You may respond to offer by countering the offer, accepting the offer or rejecting the offer. Every offer is different and we will go over each one to ensure that all of the terms, not just price not only work for you but are the best terms.

Disclosures- Be honest with your disclosures. The seller disclosure is to protect you and the buyer. I always say, better to over disclose than to not even if you think it is something minor. For buyers, they receive this disclosure within the due diligence period, so they can review it and decide to move forward with the purchase.

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